I was reading the blog “The Vissisitudes of Life” this morning about Gay Rights vs. Civil Rights

He brings up a point that for some reason I’ve never thought of before in that when God creates man he creates them male and female and commands them to have children.  This scripture is common to Jews, Muslims and Christians and therefore a majority of world religions.

This led me to ponder the question of if one is gay can they truly believe in not only the Bible, but other scriptures from the aforementioned faiths as well. 

As I thought about this I can see how people can feel strongly in a variety ways.

1. One may argue that they are gay because they are born that way.  If you truly believe that you can be born gay, please explain how you can still believe in the Bible.

2. Others will probably come from the camp that you choose to be gay.  Please support your opinion on this as well.

3. I can also see how one could say you can be gay and believe the bible, but that being gay is a sin since God commands against it.

What are your thoughts?