Being that it’s conference weekend, I thought I’d share some of my favorite conference talks from various LDS leaders throughout the years and how they’ve affected me for good.  So here are a few of them in no specific order:

The Grandeur of God  by Jeffery R Holland

Jeffery Holland gave this talk a few years back and it really helped me in understanding who God is and my relationship to Him as my Heavenly Father.  It helped me more realize how I can develop a personal relationship with Him and how He loves me no matter what.  It also helped me realize my relationship with other people in the world as my brothers and sisters.

This Thing Wasn’t Done in a Corner by Gordon B Hinckley

I was on my mission in Frankfurt, Germany when President Hinckley gave this talk.  I was filled with such enthusiasm and desire to share the gospel that I couldn’t wait to get out and go street contacting to share the message of the Book of Mormon to the Germans.

The Power of God’s Love  by John H Groberg

When Brother Groberg gave this talk it touched me deeply.  I was reminded of the love I had felt for the people I served while I was on my mission.  The people I taught and prayed with, my companions, and the fellow LDS church members I had served with.  I also thought of my time as a leader in the Elders Quorom and the young men I had served and loved and helped.  I’ve had many great experiences serving in the church, but these two times are the times I’ve felt closest to the Lord and felt His love for all of us.

Be Thou an Example Thomas S Monson

This talk is very inspiring and the words “fill minds with truth, hearts with love, lives with service” have helped me in many areas of my life as I try to stay close to what the Lord would have me do.

We Walk By Faith  by Gordon B Hinckely

I’ve written briefly in previous posts about depression and anxiety I had from separation as a child from a parent.  This effected me emotionally and when I met my now wife and was preparing to get married.  I had serious anxiety over getting married.  However, I knew it was the right thing and approved by the Lord and this talk by President Hinckley helped me take the step into the unknown.  I’m very grateful for the guidance the Lord gave me to get married and for the encouraging words of this talk during that time.  I can’t imagine life without my beautiful wife.

Models to Follow by Thomas S Monson

After I graduated from BYU in 2002, I enrolled into graduate school.  However, I started feeling promptings from the Spirit of the Lord that I needed to move to Washington and live with my grandmother.  I wanted to make sure though that this was the Lord’s will before I took this leap of faith and moved.  I prayed and fasted during general conference weekend to get a confirmation from the Spirit and during this talk by President Monson I felt a strong confirmation that I needed to move to Washington.  After I moved to Washington so many things came into place.  I met my wife, got a job that put me into the career I have now, and met so many life long friends that have helped me grow closer to the Lord and as an individual.

Beware of Pride by Ezra Taft Benson

When I read this the first time I read this I was on my mission.  I was very humbled as I read this and it helped me understand and love the German people and see them as God sees them.  This helped me understand the importance of humility and how the more humble we are, the more God can work in our lives.

Living worthy of the Girl you will Someday Marry  by Gordon B Hinckley

I was single for a good little while and I used this talk as an example of how I should try to live my life while dating.  It was a long time before I married my wife, but it was worth the wait.  My wife is such a great support and sweet person and I feel so grateful for her.

Life’s Lesson’s Learned by Joseph B Wirthlin

This talk is a very fun talk to listen to about Joseph B Wirthlin’s experiences playing football in high school and college and how he was able to use integrity while playing sports even when it cost them the game.  He shares a life-changing event that occurred on the football field that changed his life.

These are a few talks that have helped me throughout the years.  I’d be interested in hearing what some of your favorite talks have been and how they’ve helped you.  Feel free to share!