Today I was at a company and an African-american gentleman visited my table.  We talked politics and of course religion.  We talked about how regardless of religion how God loves us all the same.  We talked about the Spirit we’ve felt in various churches and other situations irregardless to church affiliation.  When he found out I was LDS he was a little suprised.  He then told me he agreed with a lot of LDS teachings but because of past prejudice towards blacks and receiving the priesthood he couldn’t endorse the LDS church.  I told him I could understand his situation and didn’t blame him for feeling that way.  I went on further to say that I disagreed with the statements Brigham Young and many other apostles had said about blacks being an inferior race.  We talked some more and then he said something that I’ve heard in the church, but didn’t realize non-LDS Christians said.  He told me I wasn’t a “Utah Mormon.” 

I thanked him and told him that when I lived in Utah (Provo) I didn’t really feel like I fit in.  However, I later reflected on what is a “Utah Mormon” anyway?  I mean, I was born in Utah…does that make me a Utah Mormon?  I do my home teaching every month, I read scriptures, I pray, attend temple, church…all of it.  So why would he say I’m not a “Utah Mormon”? 

One of my other friends of another faith told me one time I was the coolest Mormon he’d ever met.  Maybe you can help me out…what is your definition of a “Utah Mormon” and why would someone outside of the church think Utah Mormons were “uncool”?