This is part two of my series on the Washington Post Article

I recently wrote a post entitled “Why do People Leave the LDS Church?”  I included a link to posts written by John Dehlin on what his opinion is as far as why people may leave.  He suggests that many people don’t know the history of the church and Joseph Smith and other leaders upon being baptized.  They feel lied to essentially that controversial issues in Mormon history aren’t discussed during the missionary discussions, etc.  This could very well be an issue.

The Washington Post mentions missionaries baptizing people after only attending church a few times or even one time.  There could be much discussion alone on these topics such as are the missionaries being pressured to baptize too quickly?  If so, where is the pressure coming from and why? 

The third possibility is that we as members are not “taking care of the flock.”  We aren’t doing our home-teaching or fellowshipping new members.  Along these lines perhaps it is that new members of the LDS faith have a very high standard of living that goes with membership and people may get discouraged and leave.  In this case perhaps members could do something to help them feel more loved and welcome.

The fourth possibility is that it’s just plain hard to be a Mormon and keep the commandments, etc. and people just choose to leave.

It is indeed a complicated issue and I would love to hear what people have to say about issues on retention.